Workout Cheat Codes That Work

13 Workout Cheat Codes That Work


There are certain hacks you can use in the gym to build more muscle & get stronger.

Here are 13 of them to try out in your next workout: 

1. Count down from desired rep range instead of counting up.

The reason this works is because your mind hates an open loop.

It is more motivated to complete the reps from 10 to 1 than from 1 to 10.

Next time count down instead of counting up & feel the difference. 

2. Keep your eyes fixed on one position.

If your eyes dart around while lifting you end up leaking strength.

When you keep your eyes fixed on a spot you stay focused on the lift while activating the right muscles. 

3. Use the mind to muscle connection.

When doing upper chest focus on the upper chest.

When doing hip thrusts focus on your glutes.

Science shows that using the mind to activate your muscles can help you make more gains & become stronger. 

4. Wanna be stronger? Use valsalva breathing.

This is only to be done with heavy lifting.

Valsalva is when you breathe air into your stomach, brace your core & lift weight.

It creates pressure in your abs, which helps you to lift more & helps protect your spine. 

5. Push your abs out like Mike Tyson was gonna punch it.

This is called “bracing your core”.

You do this to activate your core to gain more strength & protect your low back.

Next time you lift do not suck your abs in. Push them out. 

6. Start & end your workouts with cardio.

Some people can’t stand walking or running for long periods.

So do it 15 minutes before & after your workout.

Cardio before helps warm up the body.

Cardio after helps you get in extra steps.

Split it up to avoid boredom. 

7. Isolation activation before lifting.

Before doing a squat do 8 glute bridges.

Before doing a chest press do 8 plate presses.

We often forget to how to activate these muscles before lifting.

Use isolation exercises to remind your body of how to use them. 

8. Do more hip thrusts

Your glutes are supposed to be the most powerful muscle in your body.

But they get weak as a result of desk jobs.

Hip thrusts are one of the best ways to develop the glutes & they are safe for most people to do.

9. Work on your ankle mobility

Our ankles have become tighter than ever due to sitting & wearing comfy shoes.

Tight ankles lead to chain of problems up your body from the knees to your hips.

10. Recover faster with box breathing

You enhance recovery by getting yourself into a relaxed state.

You can do this with box breathing:

1. Lie down on your back
2. 4 second inhale
3. Hold for 2 seconds
4. 6 second exhale

Do this for 6-8 rounds to get into that state quicker. 

11. Walk in a forest faster recovery

When you feel sore or beaten from a workout the worst thing to do is sit on your ass all day.

Walking outside in nature will help you speed recovery & feel much better than being lazy.

12. Visualize your lifts before they happen

Before lifting a weight or attempting a PR take a moment to see in your minds eye performing it first.

Then focus on the lift.

Visualizing will help you lift better & stronger. It’s the best workout hack no one is doing. 

13. Stop changing your workouts

You get stronger & gain more muscle by having a plan & progressively getting stronger at the lifts you’re doing.

Doing a workout for 12-16 weeks & getting stronger is better than changing your workouts every day. 

Bonus – Strong thoughts only

Tell yourself a weight is heavy & it will feel heavy.

Tell yourself a weight is light & it might feel lighter.

Saying things like “light weight” or “I got this” will help you to lift better than thinking self defeating thoughts.