Wise Dating Advice for Men

Go for the girl that likes you, not the one you like.

  • Reminder: Stop being shy. 99% of the people don’t give a shit about you. Flirt with women, make stupid jokes and do weird shit. Never worry about what they might think.@DevilsSeduction
  • To ask someone out for a date, identify a topic or activity you’re both interested in to build up the request. –@DarkPsychForMen
  • Choosing your spouse is the BIGGEST decision you will take. This one decision will be the reason for all your pleasures or miseries. Choose wisely. –@MindHealthMoney
  • If you aint gettin rejected you ain’t trying hard enough. – @EdLatimore
  • Most men think delusional thoughts when it comes to women. The image of a goddess sits in their mind, perfect and utterly flawless. In reality, the girl he’s thinking about is average looking and is just as imperfect as him. –@ApproachBot
  • Dating advice: Learn to be mysterious. Hint about your past lovers and exotic lifestyle but don’t elaborate on them. Her imagination will do all the heavy lifting for you. –@DevilsSeduction
  • Always be ready to walk away from a relationship. But never threaten it. @DevilsSeduction
  • If the quote, “behind every great man you’ll find a great women” is true than the opposite is also true. Behind every defeated man, you’ll find a woman who ruined his life. There are 2 ways men get castrated. One is surgical, the other is emotional when marrying the wrong woman. –@PatrickBetDavid
  • The wrong relationship is the most expensive mistake you can make.@DBarnettMoncton
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Best Double Texts:

  • That hard to get sh*t don’t work on me 😇
  • Send location so I know you’re safe 🥹
  • WTF did i do
  • *Leave a voice memo