Unconventional Business Advice

Credit: JK Molina

16 pieces of unconventional business advice:

1) join the most expensive gym in your city. one connection will pay for it many times over.

2) don’t look at menu prices just buy. get used to paying whatever it takes to get what you want.

3) send an expensive gift (I like pens) to everyone who’s worked with you for more than 3 months

4) the easiest way to network is to figure out what someone wants, give it to them and expect nothing in return

5) high performers are used to being adored so if you show you’re not intimidated you stand out

6) you can skip hiring processes by cold emailing the CEO and being above average at what you do someone once said “the tech interview is harder than the job” I believe it

7) don’t ask people to mentor you. become someone worth mentoring, become their friend and let them talk. this works wonders if you’re young.

8) live somewhere above your means so it will force you to make more money (this only works if you’re already an entrepreneur)

9) build a following because your DMs usually get answered, people think you’re smarter than you really are and you’re 1 tweet away from a meaningful connection

10) tip well and learn waiter’s names. then go to that same place for biz meetings and dates. trust me on this one.

11) three people you don’t want to be cheap with: doctors, lawyers and tax advisors

12) an essential part of starting a business is telling white lies about your ability to execute, getting the deal, then experiencing tons of stress to deliver

13) very few businesses started doing everything legally. get traction, then get straight.

14) regardless of what you think about gary vee… jab, jab, jab, right hook is some of the best business advice out there

15) You can learn a lot about business by studying drug dealers, magicians, tricksters, casanovas and mobsters. Not just business owners.

16) Building a business is hard. But once you build one, every one after that is significantly easier

You only have to figure it out once

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