14 rare habits that will transform your life in 6 months

by Ben Meer

CREDIT: Ben Meer @SystemSunday

Normalize making ‘No’ your default.

Whether it’s new work projects or social gatherings,

Saying ‘Yes’ to non-priorities ruins your priorities.

In the words of Mark Manson,

If it’s not a ‘fuck yes,’

It’s a no. 

Normalize “deep work.”

Find out your peak state of energy (morning for most).

Time block 2-4 hours during that period for Maker’s Time.

Show up at the same time—day by day, week by week.

You’ll never worry about money again. 

Normalize writing down your beautiful life memories.

Best tacos ever. The presentation you crushed. Bonfire with friends.

Save the memory and, one day, the memory might save you. 

Normalize NOT regretting past decisions.

You made the best choice at the time, with the knowledge you had. Be at peace with it. 

Normalize the “gift of goodbye.”

You don’t owe loyalty to a friend, partner, or employer who steals your energy or belittles you. Successful and happy people simply say goodbye. 

Normalize “I don’t know anything about that” as a successful answer. 

Normalize NOT finishing the book or movie if it sucks. 

Normalize making decisions without your parent’s approval.

Get their advice—but ultimately, it’s your life to live. 

Normalize not checking your phone first thing in the morning.

Happiness is abundant by design, scarce by luck. 

Normalize standing up for yourself without getting emotionally worked up. 

Normalize CONSISTENCY as your loudest statement. 

Normalize taking midday naps.

You get two days of energy in one. 

Normalize not believing everything you think or feel unless you’re in a peak mental state.

It’s like grocery shopping on an empty stomach (bad idea). 

Normalize being weird.

“Weirdness is what sets us apart, gets us hired. Be your unapologetically weird self. In fact, being weird may even find you the ultimate happiness”

—Chris Sacca