Winning the War In Your Mind by Craig Groeschel

Satan’s strategy to win the battle for your mind is getting you to believe lies.

If you think you can’t do something, you probably won’t. If, on the other hand, you think you can, odds are you will.

Don’t dwell on problems… seek solutions

Who you are today is a result of your thoughts in the past.

Who you become in the future will reflect what you think about today.

Activity: Write Out Your Most Common Thoughts

On a typical day:


  • Are my thoughts tearing me down?
  • Do I think worried thoughts?
  • Does my self-talk cause me to shrink back in fear?
  • Do my thoughts cause me to keep people at a distance?
  • Are my unhealthy thoughts keeping me from the life I want?
  • Are my unhealthy thoughts keeping me from the life God wants for me?
  • Are my thoughts negative, toxic or self depricating?
  • Does my inner voice tell me I’m helpless or that life is hopeless?
  • Do I find myself skeptical of others?
  • Do I lean toward imagining worst-case scenarios?


  • Are my thoughts buiding me up?
  • Do I think peaceful thoughts?
  • Does my self-talk inspire me to take faith risks?
  • Do my thoughts help me get closer to others?
  • Do my thoughts reflect my faith?
  • Are my thoughts God-honoring?
  • Do my thoughts refelct my hope in Christ?
  • Do they inspire me to believe I can make a difference in the world?
  • Do they equip me to become more like Jesus?
  • Do my thoughts connect to the vision God has for my life?
  1. The battle for your lfie is won or lost in your mind.
  2. Your thoughts will control you, so you have to control your thoughts?

To win the battle for our minds, we must engage, because there is no other way for us to defeat evil. The days of being neutral must be over.