Why I Believe in God

  1. It’s obvious this universe didn’t create itself. There has to be a God
  2. I looked at the evidence. It’s the only true religion.
  3. If there is a God, it must be my life’s purpose to know him and serve him.
  4. His laws and commandments are good for me and reasonable.
  5. He forgives me of my sins and offers me salvation
  6. I don’t want to go to hell
  7. I know I cannot save myself
  8. Jesus!
  9. The Holy Spirit!
  10. The Bible is the Word of God and is full of truth and wisdom.
  11. Jesus is the best explanation for the universe and our reality
  12. Jesus defied the laws of our reality with his miracles, healings and resurrection, walking on water, turning water into wine, multiplying food and so much more!
  13. Jesus promises to serve as our counselor on the day of judgement.
  14. I cannot enter heaven without Jesus.
  15. Life is so much better when you know and pray to your Heavenly Father!