Rules To Make You a Better Leader

15 Rules That Will Make You a Great Leader

by VJ | Stoic Wealth @StoicWealth_

1. Guide your path by truth.

– Truth is the great equalizer and foundation of the team.

– The best leaders root themselves in truth.

– Make sure your team knows you will give them the truth, no matter how harsh the facts are. 

2. Put the mission above your ego.

– Your ego will sacrifice everyone else to give itself what it wants.

– A good leader sacrifices his ego to get everyone what they need.

– The mission needs to be the guiding light of your efforts, not your ego.

Egos destroy great teams. 

3. If you don’t care about your people, they won’t care about your mission.

– Your title makes you a manager, but your people will decide if you are a leader.

– The greatest accomplishments aren’t by the people who do the most,

but by those who do the most for others. 

4. Take responsibility for the outcome. No matter what.

– If you win, it’s a team effort. If you lose, you’re the one who failed to prepare them.

– As a leader, you are ultimately responsible for the final results

– Think Tom Brady press conferences

– Think extreme ownership 

5. The best leaders invest in themselves.

– Networking
– Mentorships
– High ticket self-deployment

They are not afraid to invest big money into their development.

They know the return on investment will be massive. 

6. The leader sets the standard.

The leader sets the pace and worth ethic of the team.

You can’t demand more from others than you demand of yourself.

People are willing to work harder when they see the leader putting in twice the amount of work as everyone else. 

7. Make sure everyone on the boat is rowing in the same direction.

– The primary goal of a leader is to make sure everyone on your team is in sync.

– Maximum efficiency of the team depends on this principle. 

8. Never sacrifice the group to please the individual.

– An All-Star team beats a team of all stars every time.

– Leadership is making the sum greater than the individual pieces.

– You will have special individuals, but no one is above the team. 

9. Treat employees like they make a difference, and they will.

– Empower. Educate. And encourage your team, never micromanage.

– Trust them to get the job done, and you’ll create leaders.

– Always reward those with great initiative. 

10. Upgrade your people, and they will upgrade your business.

– Your business is only as valuable as the people you can retain.

– Great leaders ask themselves,

“How can I make things better for those doing the work?”

– There is always room for growth. 

11. Don’t step in with solutions too quickly.

“Leaders don’t bring out greatness;

they recognize it and create an environment where people can do the best work of their lives.”

– Great leaders cultivate an environment of excellence. 

12. Praise in public. Criticize in private.

Praise your team in public as much as possible. Use the public forum to your advantage.

People want to know you have their back as the leader.

Coach less productive team members privately.

They will appreciate you for it. 

13. Communicate clearly.

– Your team can’t read your mind.

– A leader reduces the uncertainty for the people around them.

– As a leader, ask yourself:

“Did I communicate the objective clearly?”

– In business and life, communication is vital to success. 

14. The leader shapes the future.

Good leaders need to be:

Agile, easily adaptable, and comfortable challenging the status quo to accomplish the mission.

It is their responsibility and vision to keep the team and business progressing. 

15. Great leaders make things happen.

– A good leader has mastered the art of execution.

– They do what they say they’ll do.

– Have a vision. Empower the team. Execute the plan.

Results > Theory 

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