How To Gain Followers

Credit: Jose Rosado

To gain followers, read these 27 sentences:

1. Ignore trends. Do what feels natural to you.

2. Don’t study the algorithm. Study human nature.

3. Be super opinionated.

4. Do not be boring.

5. Your life stories turn followers into fans.

6. Speak to your audience’s frustrations and they’ll follow you forever.

7. Keep your caption’s writing at 5th-grade level

8. Stop worrying about losing followers.

9. Post about what you believe in.

10. Plan your content around what works for you.

11. Show the behind-the-scenes on your stories.

12. The perfect caption has a hook to grab attention, a body where you teach, and a CTA to encourage your readers to take action.

13. Make your bio speak to your ideal audience. ⁣⁣

14. Pick 3 interconnected topics. Post about them.

15. Share something of your daily routine to build intimacy.

16. Never wait for motivation to create content.

17. Repurpose everything—turn captions into posts, posts into captions.

18. Talk about your mistakes to make yourself relatable.

19. Pick a niche and stick to it for 6 months.

20. Only promote one of your services in your bio.

21. For social media success, psychology is more important than smarts.

22. Reply to every single comment you get.

23. Show your personality in videos.

24. The best time to post is the one that feels more comfortable for you.

25. Block haters.

26. Remember: Don’t be boring.

27. Comment 👀 if you got here (only 2% of did)