How to Be the Coolest Person in the Room

Credit to: Infinitians

How to be the coolest person in the room: 

Stop trying so hard

The harder you try to be cool the more you reinforce the fact that you are not cool.

Being cool is similar to falling asleep.

The more you try to sleep the less likely it is for you to fall asleep. Have a higher purpose

There is nothing cooler in this world than a person unconditionally and unabashedly pursuing his dreams and living his purpose.

Your life can’t just be about petty things like a job or parties.

You gotta live for something that’s bigger than you yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

If you can’t embrace your own weirdness or your personality or your nature

How on earth would anyone ever respect you?

The funny thing is when you start treating your weakness as your strength

The world starts loving you for that. Do some cool sh!t

If all you are is a smart mouth who loves to crack witty jokes

People are gonna see right through you.

To be cool you gotta DO cool things:

– Go travel
– Ask out a stranger
– Start your own business
– Get jacked and tanned
– Sun your genitals

And stuff… Use sarcasm

Sarcasm is often considered to be the bedrock of ‘coolness’.

And how to be sarcastic:

– Don’t overthink it
– Don’t mock others
– Make jokes about yourself
– Observe your surroundings
– Don’t laugh while being sarcastic

– Learn from sarcastic people:Be in Control

If others can make you furious or ecstatic you are not a cool person.

A cool person is the one who knows and understands his emotions and doesn’t let others to toy with them.

Fix your leaky feelings. Create a balance

Don’t be that overly confident and arrogant jerk who leaves no stones unturned to elevate his status all the time.

Also don’t be that self-deprecating insecure and validation-seeking wuss who keeps pulling his own leg.

Just staying normal at times is cool too. Don’t be too available

The simple law of supply and demand.
More supply less demand.

You make yourself too available and people will lose their attraction towards you.

Make it so that people have to win your attention. Be confident

You will never meet a cool person who isn’t confident or doesn’t have high self-esteem.

And confidence is all about knowledge + experience.

So go back to the basics and master them. Stop seeking approval

Do I even need to emphasize the fact that the single most ‘non-cool’ thing in the world is seeking validation from others all the damn time?

Just f*cking do it already.

Life’s too short to wait for approvals. Take care of your attitude

Biting your nails?
Shaking your legs?
Fidgeting your hands?

Stop it right the hell now.

And the best way to do that?

By actually staying cool from within. Be nice

Yes you heard me.

Being cool doesn’t mean you can be a d!ck to anyone.

You don’t even have to ‘show them their place’ in order to look cool.

Just being nice and respectful to people will go a long way. Stay fit and healthy

Taking your health for granted is not cool at all.

You gotta build productive habits and discipline in life to remain cool in life.

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