Freedom Habits

“You’re only as free as the truth you believe.”

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Bad habits become a part of your identity -> but your identity is in Christ.

Bad Habits -> Becomes Identity -> Hopeless -> Defensive -> Slavery -> Lose Your Life

Acknowledge it and repent.

You cannot repent what you cannot define.

Remove the trigger.


  1. Time
  2. Place
  3. Mood
  4. Moment
  5. People

You’re most likely to be triggered during H-A-L-T

  • Hungry
  • Angry
  • Lonely
  • Tired

Replace the space.

Must fill the space of the wrong habit with the right thing.

Bad habits are easy to develop, hard to live. 
Good habits are hard to develop, easy to live.

7 Freedom Habits

  1. I will choose forgiveness.
    Forgiveness sets you free
  2. I will be a peacemaker.
    Especially with family!
  3. I will sabbath weekly.
  4. I will pray daily.
  5. I will be accountable to my community.
  6. I will test every spirit.
  7. I will know the truth.
Real and lasting change isn't behavior modification, it is spiritual transformation.
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Pastor Jason Hanash - Bakersfield, California