28 Fitness Truths You Must Accept

Credit to: aja_cortes

28 Fitness Truths you MUST accept:

1) The state of health is always your responsibility, and yours alone

2) You lose fat through a calorie deficit, your body does not defy the laws of thermodynamics 

3) The reason you are overweight is because you eat too much.

4) Fitness is based on first principles and science, not pop culture trends and what sounds cool.

5) improving health will require changing your eating habits, your exercise habits, and your mental habits 

6) Your mindset is your biggest obstacle to becoming healthy

7) Exercising and eating nutritiously will increase your energy. 

Not exercising and eating poorly will decrease it. 

This can be a virtuous or vicious cycle 

8) Regardless of how unfit you are, you can always start somewhere.

9) Lifting weights & building muscle improves all the following

-elevates metabolism
-increases strength
-improves cardiovascular health
-improves flexibility
-increases fat burning
-increases energy
-improved body composition

10) if you want permanently change your body, LIFT

11) regardless of your bad eating habits starting in childhood, its your responsibility to fix them as an adult 

12) nothing in your life will change unless you are willing and motivated to change

13) Caring about your health is a habit. So is apathy

14) Shortcuts cost you more time than doing the right actions from the very beginning 

15) If your social circle is fat and unhealthy, you are likely to be fat and unhealthy. 

16) getting healthy might require changing your relationship with your friends and family

17) there is no 30 day diet that will fix 30 years of bad habits 

18) There is no 2 weeks cleanse that will undo years of neglecting your health

19) there is magic workout that will build muscle, burn fat, and change your body in only a few weeks

20) it will take MONTHS to make significant and visible bodily changes

21) it will take YEARS for fitness to become a part of your identity. 

22) transformation is a long term process, not a 12 week event or 30 day diet challenge

23) You must motivate yourself to workout. Period. No one else cares, and you cannot expect them to

24) The beginning of getting fit is the most challenging, but it DOES get easier the fitter you become. 

25) The best way to be fit is never becoming unfit in the first place

26) Your daily, short term actions are what create long term success 

27) Discipline is non-negotiable

28) Most of you KNOW know what to do to improve your health (eat better foods, exercise, care about your life) 

Your problem is you do not do any of it consistently

Credit to: Alexander Cortes PhD aja_cortes
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