Apologetics vs JW

All topics addressed utilizing the New World Translation (NWT)
*This is the only translation that a Jehovah's Witness will use
Tips on Witnessing to JWs (click to expand)

The most important rule of all…
you must LOVE the people you are witnessing to
If you don’t have love for them, don’t even try it.

Keep in mind…

  • JWs assume they have more knowledge than you
  • JWs look forward to teaching the Bible
  • JWs are taught to answer questions
  • JWs are taught to avoid people that debate

How to Witness

  • Don’t tell them their Bible translation is wrong
  • Don’t tell them their Religion is wrong
  • Don’t tell them what a Bible passage means
  • Use their Bible translation (New World Translation)
    “Only the 144k anointed class know the Bible and can interpret it”

Don’t tell them anything… have them open their Bible and ASK questions.

The goal is to sow seeds of truth. You plant the seeds and the Holy Spirit makes them grow. Let the Lord do the work according to His timing.
Plant seeds and Pray!

Verses Used by JWs to Defend Doctrine

Who is our Savior? ✝️

Who is worshipped in heaven? ✝️

Who did Abraham see that caused him to believe? ✝️

Did Jehovah create the world by himself? ✝️

Did Thomas believe Jesus was God? ✝️

Who compares to Jehovah? ✝️

Is the Holy Spirit a Person? 🕊️

Who is the first and the last? ✝️

Why did the Jews want to kill Jesus? ✝️

Who will every knee bow to? ✝️

Whose judgement seat? ✝️

Does “firstborn” mean first created? ✝️

Who did John the Baptist clear the way for? ✝️

Who do you call to be saved? ✝️

Moses saw Jesus in the OT? ✝️

Who is Lord of lords? ✝️

Who raised Jesus from the dead? ✝️

Who receives the spirit of a believer? ✝️

Whose years will never come to an end? ✝️

Who will judge mankind? ✝️

Is the Holy Spirit Jehovah? 🕊️

The Holy Spirit speaks as Jehovah? 🕊️

Who judges and repays? ✝️

Who appeared to Moses and Joshua? ✝️

Who puts to death and brings to life? ✝️

Who do we call on the name of? ✝️

Who searches hearts and repays for deeds? ✝️
(NT to OT)

Who searches hearts and repays for deeds? ✝️
(OT to NT)

If Jesus is “created”, where did he exist before the heavens were created? ✝️

What is the “good news” of the gospel?

Is Jesus omnipresent? ✝️

Jesus created “all other things”? ✝️

Is Jesus omniscient? ✝️

Are there other ‘gods’? ✝️

Who is the savior? ✝️

Whose glory did Isaiah see? ✝️

Is Jesus omnipotent? ✝️

Who gives life? 🕊️

Who removes the veil? ✝️

Who has a voice of rushing waters? ✝️

Who is the Rock of our Salvation? ✝️

Who is the cup and the loaf? ✝️

Who came to Jeremiah? ✝️

Who appeared to Samuel? ✝️

Honoring the Father and the Son ✝️

Whose spirit puts us in harmony with God? ✝️

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